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How do I remove bike grime from outerwear?

I have a big stain on my running jacket from when I was biking & the sleeve got caught in my gears (it had snuck out of my pannier). I tried dish soap at first, which made no difference. Can’t specify if it’s grease or lube or dirt (or a combination); you know when you’re washing your bike & it just comes out all black? It’s like that.

Any thoughts?

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Give this spot washing guide a try:

How to Spot-wash Clothing

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Try LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner you can get it at any dollar store or Walmart this usually works on most stains you didn't wash and dry this jacket did you. Also there is something called Grandmas spot remover that is like amazing on hard stains also try a Ultra 3X dish soap on the stain its more concentrated and stronger than regular dish soap

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