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The BD-F7500 was Samsung's flagship Blu-ray player when released in 2013. The Blu-ray player includes 4K upscaling, 3D, and Wi-Fi.

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Getting pixelation when playing a Blu-ray

When I play any Blu-ray disc, I get a regular band of pixelation running across the screen that messes up bott he audio and video. When I do a regular DVD, it happens sporadically but does not affect the picture (much) and does not affect the sound. Not sure if this is a repair worth doing or throw it away? New ones are running $299 so any help to save this will be appreciated!

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Try using a commercially available lens cleaner - example only and see if this works.

There may be something on the lens that prevents a good pickup off the disc.

Alternatively if you wish to clean the lens yourself, here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung BD-F7500 Blu-ray Player Disc Reader Replacement guide.

At Step.7 in the guide the lens is shown in the image (just below the red box). Use a Q-Tip moistened with 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol to gently clean the lens

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LOL - I actually bought and tried that lens cleaner before I posted (sorry I forgot to mention) and unfortunately, that did not fix it. I will review the guide and see about using a Q-tip - thanks for the suggestion.


Hi ,

Just curious, does it occur when viewing the player's menu screen without playing a disc?

If it does I'm now wondering if it is electrical interference more than a lens problem.

Has anything changed in the setup between the player and the TV, new devices, cords moved etc?

I only suggest this because I had a problem with my TV pixelating every time the light in the room was switched on. (cfl light bulb)

This was due to the light being faulty and emitting emr which was being picked up by the TV aerial in the ceiling above and disrupting the signal which showed up as a line of pixelation and sometimes distorted audio.


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are you running this in 4K upscaling mode?

could be a heat related issue

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I am not aware of any setting to turn on / off upscaling. I am guessing that since this happens the very moment I put the disc in and the menu comes up that it is not an overheating issue but thank you for the suggestion.


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