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The Dell Latitude E6400 was Dell's mainstream corporate 14.1" notebook introduced in August 2008.

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quietest fan or cooling system for this laptop?

i own a latitude e6400 that runs with the fan like crazy and im trying to find the best and most quiet fan available, or if theres nothing is there a way to cool my laptop down without it getting too hot

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Hi @fegelein3290

Since you mentioned that the fan is running fast and noisy,

I would suggest you to do some stuffs.

  1. Consider opening up the laptop to clean up the heatsink and remove the dust stuck on the heatsink.
  2. If fan has worn out, take it out and order replacement, you can find replacement on ebay / aliexpress, etc
  3. re apply thermal paste
  4. if all has been done but it is still noisy, consider updating the laptop bios.
  5. check OS configuration, if certain app is causing it.
  6. if it has improved but would like to further cool the laptop, consider getting a laptop cooler pad, get reputable brands like coolermaster, etc.

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how do you know if the fan is worn out?


Hi @fegelein3290

Like it is spinning slowly, and if use finger to spin, you will find some resistance.

noises like grinding, etc


ok, I will check, but im not sure if its that bad, Im saying in total the entire laptop gets hot, so im looking for a fan thats more wuiet and is good at cooling


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