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Die MacBook Pro Laptops von Apple waren für professionelle und versierte Anwender gedacht. Folgende Modelle gehören dazu: Das MacBook Pro 13" Unibody, das MacBook Pro 15", das MacBook Pro 15" Unibody, das MacBook Pro 17" und das MacBook Pro 17" Unibody.

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What model year MBP is a safe purchase? Which one(s) lack known flaws

Well, my late 2011 MBP is on its third (and failing) graphics board. Known flaw, not worth repairing (by swapping in another of the same bad boards). I’ve been burned on the 540c, the Lombard, the Pismo, and this one. I know better than to ever buy a new Apple product. But with many years’ worth of software, I (sigh) expect to buy a refurbished iMac or MBP fairly soon.

Help?! Is there any year/model, either iMac or MBP, that’s known NOT to have designed-in failures?

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In a discussion of the flex cable failure in recent MBPs, I found this:


iFixit’s Kyle Wiens tells me that MacBook reliability has “all been downhill since 2012. We won’t purchase these machines for our employees—too unreliable.” His impression, and it’s one that I share, is that “Apple’s obsession with thinness has removed all margin for error.” Calling it “design anorexia,” Wiens says that “when you sacrifice repairability, every other mistake you make is magnified dramatically.”[br]






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Just my personal opinion, don’t buy another Apple product. Overheating processors, refusing or not being able to fix their own products, preventing the end user from upgrading their system they have bought and own and let’s not forget the way overpriced products. I would diffidently start looking at moving away from them if you can. Windows has a lot of software options. If you must have an Apple product I will say that my Mid 2012 Mac Book Pro is still going strong with an SSD installed. With that said, I will defiantly be moving to a Windows system when it’s time for an upgrade.

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I totally agree with the 2012 MBP non=retina machines. The only problem on the 13" is the hard drive i?R cable and it can be protected easily.


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