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The LG G Pad Tablet 7.0 was released in 2014, it is an Android based produced by LG. This device is the first produced tablet with a 7 inch screen and a 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor.

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How do I know which tablet I have?

How do I know what tablet I have? I think it’s the LG 7 but I want to make sure.

Here is some info that I know.



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Hi @scottpine ,

According to the user manual from this webpage it is a LG G Pad 8.0

Dimensions 210.8 mm (H) x 124.2 mm (W) x 9.95 mm (D) or 8.299” x 4.89” x 0.39”

The LG G Pad 7.0 is a LG V400

Dimensions 7.45" (H) x 4.48" (W) x 0.4" (D) or 189.23 mm x 113.79 mm x 10.16 mm

Measuring corner to corner, diagonally across the screen should show you that it has approximately an 8” screen and not a 7” screen.

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