Amazon Echo sometimes is blurry on television

I have a new new echo device (my second) and after hooking it up to Fire TV (also new), we have our programs go in and out of focus. I’ve called the Amazon Tech office four days in a row to no avail. Can someone explain what causes this and how to fix it?

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Hi @drmike06 ,

Does it occur when you have the Fire TV audio connected to standard speakers and not Echo BT speakers?

Have you got another BT speaker that you can connect to the Fire TV to find out whether the problem is with the TV or the Echo?

Have you tried altering the sound settings in the Fire TV to see if this makes a difference e.g. turn Dolby digital plus on or off etc?

Is the latest firmware installed in the Fire TV and the Echo?

Just trying different things to prove where the problem lies. In the Fire TV or the Amazon echo



Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I think they are worthy. I had spent so much time (4 days and many hours) with the Tech Dept at Amazon, I just gave up. We reinstalled our old Fire TV stick and packed the 4K Fire TV to send back. I think the 4K is defective in some way. The old stick is very clear (I only updated because it was 4K). Everything is working again.

Thank you for your suggestions. I was very pleased someone answered my call for help.

Dr. Mike


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