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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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P2770FH monitor power cycles (off, on) repeatedly (reboot/restart).

I am trying to get a Samsung P2770FH monitor working. The power supply was bad (about 5V output instead of the expected 14V) so I ordered a replacement. Now the monitor powers up, but under certain circumstances it will power off, then back on about every eight seconds. Depending on the signal, sometimes it will stay on longer, but usually power cycles within a minute.

Any common things I might want to check before I declare it dead? Thanks!

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I hope you find a solution. I use a P2770 as a computer monitor on HDMI and have established that it power cycles only when specific (generally dark) colors are displayed on the screen. Very bizarre.


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We ended up replacing one of the circuit boards, but I don’t recall which one. It was something we were able to order.

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Was it an original power cable? Generic brands can be very glitchy to keep a monitor powered on.

One thing you can check is the voltage if you have a multimeter laying around. Otherwise the bad power supply could have shorten out the monitor as well.

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I tested the original power supply and it was only putting out around 5V. I ordered a replacement (4A, exceeding the original's 3.5A) and the monitor powers on now. It just cycles off and back on after running a bit. Trying to play HDMI video through it, it will basically restart every 8 seconds. I find many references to issues like this online, but none had a solution, so I thought I'd try here. Lots of replacement boards available for this monitor on eBay if I knew what the likely cause was.


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