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A budget flip phone by ALCATEL, also known as the OT-222.

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How do I enter Ford Sync pin number into Alcatel Flip Phone?

I’m trying to pair Alcatel One Touch Flip Phone with my Ford Sync but when I try to enter Sync pin number, it dials the number as if I’m making a phone call, How can I enter the pin number into my flip phone?

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Hi @eelmas ,

You cannot “pair” your One Touch 222 phone with your Ford Sync, as the phone does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

It is not mentioned as a feature or setting in the phone’s user guide and as a further verification, in the specifications for the phone in this link it states Comms - Bluetooth - NO.

If you have a different model Alcatel Flip phone to the one you selected above, which does have Bluetooth connectivity, to pair the phone with Ford Sync, the Bluetooth feature needs to be enabled in the phone and then when Ford Sync appears in the phone’s Bluetooth “pairing list” you will be able to select it and then enter the code and the phone will be connected to the vehicle.

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