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Smartphone designed by Xiaomi in the Redmi Note line.

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Why my signal wifi always reconnecting.

When i play games, suddenly my wifi reconnecting. After a few seconds then connected. But, after a few minutes then reconnecting again and again . I use to play games on others phone is okay only for this phone is problem

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The non-original Miui Roms that bring some phones are extremely bad. You can go all the wrong phone and be the fault of the Rom. Before looking at the hardware, try to change Rom. The most reliable sites for me are miui.eu and xda dev.




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Do you have this problem only with one wifi (router) or it happens when you connect to every wifi.

If the problem is only in one Router (and other devices does’t have that problem in the same router) you should Factory reset the wifi router because it happens with some devices the wifi router conflict the mac address of your device wifi. If the problem happens in every wifi you connect so first you have to Reset network settings (if no luck), Flash it with original firmware (if again no luck), you have to reball the Wifi IC.

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how to factory reset the wifi router? only my xiomi phone facing this problem. my others phone okay. i think my xiomi phone problem.

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Open Settings

In the Wireless Settings menu, tap on More option

Now tap on Network Settings reset option

You can tap on Reset settings and confirm by OK button

let me know it it helped.


instead of i reset network settings , i reset all the data. factory reset . because i already try to reset the network settings but its wont work. Then, i’ve got idea to reset everything become like new handphone so i reset everything. 100% reset. Result : ITS WORK!!!! Thanks for helping me . i really appreciate it.


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