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Repair guides and support for desktop computers produced by Asus including towers and all-in-one display PCs.

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Why is my games running slow?

Hello. Me and my friend opened up my ASUS G11CD pc and removed some dust. We did not use a vaccum cleaner but a hairdryer on the lowest setting and now almost all of my games are running slow. They are lagging extremely much and I have tried to use the lowest settings but it lags anyways. I have turned on my pc fan to not have the pc as dusty and the AEGIS III app says it’s the optimal. I have emailed ASUS customer support and am currently waiting for a response. Please respond to this as soon as possible.

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It may be that you forgot to plug back in a component such as a separate GPU so the system is running off of a weaker GPU that comes standard soldered to the motherboard. You may have also forgotten to plug in a fan so the CPU is throttling itself to be slower since its not getting the cooling it got before. Look at all components again and make sure that everything that should be attached, is attached/plugged in.

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