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Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016. Modelbezeichnung 1660, 1778. Verfügbar in den Versionen: GSM oder CDMA / 32, 128 oder 256GB / Rosé Gold, Gold, Silber, mattschwarz oder hochglanz schwarz

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iPhone 7 Charge Only When Off - NO Tristar NO Tigris

Hi Everyone, HI @refectio SIR..

I have an iphone 7 Stuck On Apple Logo.

I change Tristar and phone Turn On perfectly, working almost perfectly but there is only one problem Dont Charge.

Charge only when power Off.

DCPS amps are regular.

When i turn on the phone (during booting) phone charge perfectly (for 4/6 sec) and immedialtly show 0,00 AMP.

If i power off, charge perfectly.

I change two time Tristar, change also Tigris, but same problem.

I check every voltage around tristar , battery Connector and Tigris.

Every voltage compare with Schematic is OK.

I try to change also Battery Connector on mother board, but no improvment.

And obviously i m trying with a good Dock , battery and charger.

Thanks a lot GUYS for attention.

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Mosfets near tristar

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@c9679 if u are talking about q2700 and 2701 i already change both of them


Dont have schematics with me theres a 3 ball ic theres 2 of them I think one by Tigris another by tristar under it to the left cant remember their numbers lol


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@refectio Sir.. Any Suggestion Plz :) Thanks

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Don't take it badly but this is a free forum, nobody is charged anything for assistance which is given on a voluntary basis by all of us just out of free will and without any compensation, subtracting from our free time to do that. @refectio is a tremendously kind and sympathetic person and I've noticed he's been kind enough to help you quite a few times solving the problems you charge your customers money for. You've already pinged him personally once to ask for assistance. I find it pretty unpolite doing that again. If you are in need for a personal one on one technical problem solving and troubleshooting, I would recommend you subscribe with Rossman group or iPadRehab tecnical forums, they offer the service anytime you need it for a modest fee.


@arbaman If Refectio Sir have any problem with, he can tell me. I use this forum from some years, Refectio sir told me, if i want something i can Tag him.

I accept i did not tag him second time. This is my mistake, but dont understand why YOU tell me.. are you his LAWYER?? so plz dont mind, if i tag you, you tell me everything you want, if someone have problem with me.. he can it personally.. DONT need assistant to do it.. Thanks


There's no need to SHOUT or loose your temper..since you're bumping on a public forum you should be able to accept any comment to your ways if it's done politely. Pinging repeatedly a person as you did is unkind, you should be grateful for whatever help you got and simply accept the fact someone is busy with his own business. If everyone would be whining for help as you did everytime in need, this forum would be full of unbearable clutter, I don't need to be anybody's lawyer to tell you, you should be able to understand that on your own. If you can't bear behaving on a public forum go private. BTW, I agree with you, you've been _using_ this forum for years.


@arbaman have a Good day Bro .. bye bye


@ags_studio reflectio is gone I ate him :) he was full of knowledge and delicious, look up the 7 charging ways on Google and follow that if u want a plzbro solution :)


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