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The Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC is an all-in-one desktop computer known for its 4K, ultra high definition screen and one terabyte Hard Drive. With plenty of processing power and memory, the device received the PCMag Editors’ Choice award in 2015.

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Asus ET2232I Not Powering On

I have an Asus LITEON WN6607AH-AD all in one PC. It is different from the one that I had to choose in the picture to the right, since IFixIt only had an option for something similar. I received it from a neighbor, and it doesn’t power on. I’ve managed to take it apart and do some diagnostics. I’ve tried pretty much everything I could think of, but it won’t boot. I think it might have something to do with a fried motherboard, which is a ET2232I Rev 1.2 board. I’ve looked online for replacement board, but it would be very expensive ($100+). If y’all have any ideas on what it could be or if you’ve had this problem before, then I would greatly appreciate your response. I’ve attached 2 pictures of the motherboard in case that would help.

Block Image

Block Image

Here is a list of the things I tried:

  • Installing a ram stick (already has internal memory)
  • Removing unnecessary cables from the motherboard
  • Removed CMOS battery
  • Tried 2 power cables
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You don't mention what diagnostics you tried.

Have you checked the power supply, for example? Is it outputting 19VDC?


Sorry. I have 2 different power supplies and I know for a fact they both work fine. I forgot to mention that the computer on the side I had to choose is different from the one I'm working on. IFixIt didn't have an option for my model. I'll try to add more info.


Still can't get it to do anything...


So it is completely dead?

No lights,

no fans spinning,

hard drive does not spin,

no beep codes sounding,

BIOS can not be loaded,



It shows no signs of power. Not even a light.


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Replace motherboard.

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