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Das Galaxy S6 ist das neue Flagschiff der Galaxy-Linie. Es wurde im März 2015 angekündigt, Verkaufsstart war am 10. April. Die Version mit dem gewölbten Bildschirm ist unter Galaxy S6 Edge bekannt.

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Is the Display Adhesive Absolutely Necessary?

I have a Galaxy S6 that I use for app development. Recently, I needed to replace the display, but I’m not sure if I need to use all of the provided adhesive, or any at all. From past experience, this adhesive is a mess to remove (especially the copper-colored areas on the back of the panel), and will most likely destroy the display assembly if I ever need it off again.

The phone will spend most of its days on a desk tethered to a computer, so durability isn’t an issue. I’m primarily concerned with future repairability if I ever need to service the charge port, home button, or the rest of the daughterboard assembly. Is it absolutely necessary to use adhesive, or is there any problem with using just the thin adhesive “gasket” around the edge of the glass?

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If it’s not subject to rough handling or liquids, I don’t see why a thin coat would be just fine for your purposes.

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It's more like a sticky backing that's been pre-applied to the back of the display. It came with a thin plastic film covering that adhesive, but it looks like I don't have to remove all of it at once.


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