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All-in-one desktop PC released by Microsoft in November 2016. Features a 4.5K, 28" touchscreen PixelSense display and 6th generation Skylake Intel Core i5 or i7. Available with 8 GB/ 16 GB / 32 GB RAM, 1 TB / 2TB hybrid storage, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M / GeForce GTX 980M GPU.

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Possiblility to replace motherboard?

Surface Studio has a great touchscreen but an outdated GPU, CPU

I am thinking if I can remove everything in the base and custom build the PC (by increasing the thickness of the base). I watched the teardown. Do anyone know what kind of connector is used for the monitor? And what kind of additional/unusual ports/adapters are there in studio motherboard

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The whole platform firmware is custom, therefore you will not be able to use any Surface-specific features, mainly the touchscreen.

Four cables connect from the motherboard to the screen unit. Likely one power, one display backlight control, one WiFi over PCIe, one display and touch, possibly over some kind of eDP or LVDS interface. All of them proprietary.

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