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Created November 5, 1955, by doc brown enterprises

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Can use to restore inter-phasic time displacement to our Borg cube?

Resistance used to be futile. Time displacement properties interrupted in cube temporal action . Flux capacity severely impacted and limited. We are looking for solutions.

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for help

Recall a topic which you can read it too, which mayer has responded.

Why is my flux capacitor not fluxing?


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Unfortunately the human experts (The Hansens). on this technology were assimilated off the USS Raven in 2353, Stardate 32611.4. Their ship was ship was pulled into a transwarp conduit after an ion storm damaged the vessel's multi-adaptive shielding and they were detected by the Borg.

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Terra flux capacitors have never been found to be adaptive to Borg technology and are far to under powered at this time. You may be stuck Somewhere in Time.

You may have to go into a stasis pod for a couple of hundred years until the technology is locally available.

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