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Erschienen am 4. November 2017. Modell A1865, A1901. Erhältlich als GSM oder CDMA / 64 oder 256 GB / Silber oder Space Grau. (Genauso ausgesprochen wie "iPhone 10")

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How do I repair my broken back glass on iPhone X?

At first I ordered the new rear glass but I soon realized it’s very easy to destroy my phone with chipping the glue.

Now, I want to order a new housing to safely replace it, but I’m not sure if there’s much difference between different housings on ebay.

For example, I found this 50$ one


I’m a newbie here, so I don’t know is that going to work?

I see the expensive ones have connection cords while the 50$ one doesn’t


What are the downsides I could experience from buying the 50$ housing?

Does it make the repair ‘doable’ unlike just the glass replacement itself.

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The expensive ones have a lot of the parts, even though a lot of the parts may not work the cheaper ones have virtually everything missing and a little bag of bits that usually dont fit lol I would pay more for the expensive one as a lot of the small parts are very fiddly other things like the flexes if they dont work u can always transfer them over


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The cheaper ones don't have the small parts fitted(power button flex etc..) so you have to transfer everything over where as the expensive ones have everything already fitted so you basicly just need to swap over the logic board and camera. If you havnt done any repair before then I would suggest you get someone to do it for you as an iPhone x is rather expensive, however if you feel confident then go for it, just watch a tear down video and take your time.

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I would just take it to a repair shop but save money on parts.

So the 50$ one is good?

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