The Canon PowerShot S410 was released on April 15, 2004. It originally retailed for $399 at it's time of release.

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Do I need a DC converter to charge this camera in Europe?

Do I ned to use an AC to DC converter to charge camera if I am charging on a DC 220v line in Europe?

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What I would recommend buying is a European charger for that camera. Something like this. I am sure it would not be more than a converter and you would have the right equipment without causing you any grief after. The only issue that I see is that I can not find a European Country with DC current as their household power. To my recollection they are all on AC. Which country specifically are you traveling to? Hope this helps.

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I traveled to Europe (UK, France, Italy) in 2007 with this camera and did not need a converter for the battery charger. Everything worked fine before, during, and after the trip to Europe.

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