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Android 4.0 tablet for children/ blue back cover and white face/ released 2012

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forgotten password how to reset this

Kurio 7S cannot remember password

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I can't remember my password


My ex daughter n law set a pattern passcode on my grandsons tablet yet she doesn’t remember the code. How can I reset this for my grandson? Thank you


i forgot my password


Forgot my password to get in the tablet


Forgot my password on kurio tablet


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Hi there!

After doing some a light Google search, I was able to locate on Kurio’s Support page on how to complete a hard reset for the Kurio 7s.

I’ve gone ahead and copied & pasted what they mention '''here''' on their support page on the Hard Reset.

In order to reset to factory settings, please follow these instructions :

- Power off machine.

- Hold down + first and then POWER for about 10 seconds, release both buttons once Kurio screen loads .

- When you get the open Android picture, press + to enter menu, use - to move down to "wipe data / factory reset" and press POWER again to choose.

- Next press - to choose "YES" and press POWER to start reset.

- Check for yellow text Formatting /data, formatting cache, Data wipe complete.

- Choose reboot system now and press POWER to complete process.

NOTE: This will erase data from your Kurio's internal storage such as Accounts, System settings and Downloaded apps. But music, pictures, and other user data won't be erased. Check "Erase SD card" if you want to clear all the data of the system.

It is also possible to reset only the Kurio Interface: Go to Parental area > Tablet Setup> Press "Reset the Interface to Factory Default Settings".

Once this has been done you will need to set the device up and perform all the updates, instructions for this are on this page.

Please feel free to contact Kurio Technical Support on our support page.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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This isn't working for me. Keeps opening back to the Kurio, it's time to stop screen. It won't let me pass and the serial number is not working.


I didn't know the password but followed instructions above and it worked


do you have a password


idon”t know my password


I can't find "Android Picture"


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Hi Kevin,

The Kurio website suggests you reset your google password with: https://accounts.google.com/signin/recov...

(Here is the FAQ page where I found this solution: https://kurioworld.com/us/support/kurio-... )

I hope this helps!

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I don't remember my password

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yes l forget pas


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I can’t remember my password

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