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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active can be identified by model numbers SM-G892A (AT&T) and SM-G892U (T-Mobile and Sprint) and was released in August 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is an Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics as the eighth generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series.

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screwed up replacement front screen Galaxy S8

Please help I’ve screwed up somewhere.

Objective to change front screen which had a slight crack.

What I did.

Heated screen to soften adhesive. Started at top right corner got glass to lift so slid down long edge and put spacer to hold corner open worked around and removed screen. put new adhesive in order top,bottom, right and left. noticed new screen clear not smoked so gently warmed adhesive replaced screen realized I had a silver colored screen not black powered on nothing pressed down key and power key unti phone vibrated only thing that happened was got couple of lit pixels blue in top left corner and green about 6 picels to right on same level. these then went out and seems power off. Checked charge state with charger seems full .

So the BIG question of the day is “ What have I done wrong “ - anyone any ideas how to fix please.

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Many thanks

Wil go see alibaba.



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You've split the screen in 2… look at the back of the glass uve removed part of the screen will probably still be in there hence the silver part of the screen showing. U will have to replace the complete screen.

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