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Herausgegeben am 25. September 2015. Model A1687/A1634. Die Reparatur des 6s gestaltet sich ähnlich zu denen früherer Generationen; benötigt werden Schraubenzieher und Hebelwerkzeuge. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA / 16, 64 oder 128 GB / Silber, Gold, Space Grau oder Roségold.

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iPhone 6s wont power On

HI everyone,

Hi @refectio SIR

I have an iPhone 6s (no water damage) with Vcc main Short.I find the short capacitor c2330 with Freeze Spray and short gone away.

I try to turn one the phone, DCPS show 0,01 to 0,07 amps, and phone doesn’t turn on.

I tro to change tristar and tigris but the problem is same.

Nand voltages are ok

The strange thing is :  when I connect USB cable, I have 5 volt on PP5V USB RAIL and  also in TIGRIS PMID RAIL.

The capacitor are not connected between them, if I test with multimeter.

I put out the IC and check the voltage under IC ON F5 PAD,  The voltage is ZERO.

And regularlay have 5 volt on VBUS PADS, but when put the ic the voltage came back on TIGRIS PMID rail.

Any suggestion guys?

Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

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The PMID pin should be showing a voltage similar to VBUS so what you are measuring is totally normal. A good trick when trying to understand what a certain Apple-specific IC is doing is to look up similar IC’s that are not “custom-designed” for Apple. The semiconductor industry tends to have pretty normalised nomenclature so theres a good chance you can figure out what PMID means.

For example, a quick search brought me to this datasheet. There are perhaps better fits but this one shows how a PMID is connected internally. As you can see, it is directly connected to VBUS via some diodes.

Block Image

That’s why you should see 5V on PMID when the charger is connected.

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@refectio Sir.. Thanks a lot.. You are a Perfection SIR :)

Thanks again.

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