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Why the charging pad is not charging the Samsung Galaxy S8

I have Samsung S8. the charger suddenly stopped charging. But it works with the other phone. its a S6. I try some methods like turn off the phone and try to charge and rotate the phone for different directions. I cant figure out what can be the problem. Can somebody give me an idea about it?

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Well first thing is have you tried using the S8 on another wireless charger? Now assuming you have (or you do and it works) I will say that is a very odd situation. And if the charger is at fault, there is really no fix for it that I can think of (call 1-800-SAMSUNG if you're in the US or your regional equivalent if you think there is still a warranty on ).

The only thing I can think of is the S8 does fast wireless charging, and the S6 does not (at least I think it doesn't, if it does, ignore everything I say below, I got nothing for you). Maybe the device can't do fast charging anymore and for some reason it can't work on the S8 because of that? Doesn't make sense but that is the only difference between the two phones. Try plugging the charger into a non-Samsung charger (so it can't do fast wireless charging) and see if the S8 works when plugged in that way. Now that being said, there is no fix I can think of for you if the wireless charger is the issue.

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I tried different chargers. But I did not try any wireless chargers for S8. Thanks for the answer.


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Have you tried charging it with a different S8 charger? Try restarting your phone on safe mode or do a factory reset. If none of them works, then you’ll have to visit a Samsung service center. They’ll probably know what went wrong.

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