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Personal computer produced by Toshiba in early 2014 . The Satellite S55T-B5335 has a 15.6" touchscreen display, Intel Core i5 processor, and 1 TB hard drive.

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Screen Not Turning On


When I power on the laptop my screen isn’t turning on and there’s no beeps or anything to signal errors. The keyboard lights up and I can hear the fans running, just no display.

It had been doing this a few times before but sometimes after several resets it’d finally turn on a load. When I was able to get in, I updated all of the drivers and Windows updates. That didn’t solve the issue. I recently tried disabling a few start-up processes, Chrome and Adobe, and turned off the fast loading option and now my screen won’t come on at all no matter what I try.

I’ve already taken out the battery and tried holding the power button for 60s, I’ve tried restarting 4 times to get the boot/error menu, I’ve even put in the old hard drive in case it was software related and that didn’t solve it. I’ve also tried Win Key + Ctrl + Shift + B to reset the display driver and even connected it to an external monitor with no success.

It’s currently running Windows 10.

The only solution I have yet to try is removing and testing the RAM sticks, otherwise I think it’s a motherboard failure or graphics card failure.

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Not what I meant


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I believe you are on the right track that this is sounding like a motherboard issue after everything you have done. If this laptop has an external monitor port make sure to try connecting an external monitor as well to ensure that it isn’t just the LCD panel though. Good luck!

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I tried external monitors as well to no avail. New PC is ordered and on the way! haha


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