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Der kleinere der MacBook Air Laptops von Apple, ausgestattet mit Doppelmikrofon und 802.11ac Wi-Fi Konnektivität.

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Missing serial number after changing i/o board and SSD

The serial number is missing after i / o board and SSD have been replaced.

How can I do this?

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The serial number is burnt into the systems firmware chip which is located on the main logic board. Its also located on the bottom cover. The I/O board and the SSD don’t effect it.

If your system doesn’t have a serial number its a good chance the board was a replacement and not serialized before being installed.

At this point I think you’ll need to visit a real Apple Store so they can fix this. The have the needed tools to fix this.

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Apple and a lot of repair shops will write the original serial number on the inside of the bottom cover to indicate the logic board has been changed. Most repair shops do not have the software to install a serial number onto the new board. Apple has this software as do some of the more experienced techs.

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