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ASUS N Series dazzle with incredible audio and advanced power

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What kind is this inductor and where to find?

Hello guys, one of these 2 inductors in photo in my laptop (ASUS N56VM) has broken, and my laptop doesn’t power up anymore… Anyone can help find out what kind of inductor this is and where I can buy a new one to replace? I manage to desoldering it and I should be able to solder it again..

Block Image

Block Image

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if it is helpful, inductor sizes are 6 mm round x 2,7 mm h


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Hi Giulia,

Its a 330uh (micro Henry) shielded SMD(surface mount device) power inductor,

Gettable on ebay… here is an example.. many more listings…


And at a really good distributor,


Were they both they same component? I didn’t see a second one?

Hope this helps..

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Hi Brad

thanks a lot for helping. There were two inductors, same components, I did already disoldered the broken one, but it was just the same as the good one. One more question if you can answer…I saw the new one to purchase on ebay and on the other website, the number is the same but the sizes are not corresponding with the one of my laptop, which are 6x6x 2.7 mm of height. Can you help undestand why….?

Thanks a lot again!


Because they are made in different specifications for various applications, they are no specific to one brand, and have different shapes and sizes, and values.

There are also other values that play a factor tolerance, resonant frequency, saturation current, DC current max and DC resistance max.

If you want an exact replacement then, I would rather you buy from Mouser Electronics and ask them to help you spec that exact part, sending them pictures and measurements would ensure it is the right size and value. They are experts in this matter and are my first choice.

The second link I posted above will lead you to their website, they have the sizes and values and sometimes pictures all listed available. Take a look and see if you can find it but like I said, there are many.. 6mm in length and 6.1mm in length and 6.2mm in length and so on...

If they cannot find the exact one, I'm sure they can help you with a suitable replacement of the same values


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