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Smartwatch von Samsung, im August 2018 veröffentlicht.

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How replace Back Rear GLASS in Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800 46mm?

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I need replace Back Rear GLASS in Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800 46mm.

I am looking for detailed guide for replacement.

Thank you for your help.

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Any hint where I can get a new Rear glass for the SM-R800? Mine is broken yesterday :(...

Thanks for any hint!


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@aileenmk review step 4 and 5 of this teardown Samsung Galaxy Watch Teardown

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I ask about ONLY glass, not about all rear case!


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I did it with mine. It's pretty straight forward. After removing the back plat the heart rat monitor is easy to access and remove. Heat the glass from the outside for easy removal. Although be cautious as the small frame for the heart rate monitor can warp (this is what happened to me). Remove the old tape then place the new tape and glass (kinda like tempered glass screen protector) making sure that all the holes line up correctly.

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saludos mi reloj tiene un problema es que se apaga y creo que es la bateria pero me dijeron que es porque no tiene el cristal del sensor me gustaria saber si le funcionaba bien el reloj sin el cristal del sensor

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Greetings my watch has a problem is that it turns off and I think it is the battery but they told me it is because it does not have the sensor glass I would like to know if the watch worked well without the sensor glass


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