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Das erste iPhone Modell, A1203, mit 4,8 oder 19 GB Kapazität und einer Aluminium-Rückschale. Bei der Reparatur muss gehebelt und möglicherweise auch gelötet werden.

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Force restore will not work; iTunes does not "see" phone

Following the directions on iFixit I can get my 1st Gen iPhone to display the connect to iTunes graphic, but when I connect it to my Mac iTunes does not "see" the iPhone, so I can't restore it. I tried two different USB ports and two different USB cables to be sure the issue wasn't the connection (and anyway both ports and cables work fine with my iPad).


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Have you tried plugging it into a wall? Does it charge? If it doesn't your dock connector may be bad. If that is not the case I wouldn't know.

Hope it helps!

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It charges fine.


Actually, having said that it doesn't appear to be charging consistently.. loose connection? Is that something I can replace, or is it on the logic board?


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