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The SanDisk microSD card is a storage device/medium in the TransFlash/microSD format. The standard ones come in all different capacities, up to 2GB.

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SD Card storage not detecting... Showing 512kb

I got a SanDisk Ultra 16GB memory card… First when I open my files on phone, all files name inside memory card was changed to hex keys and lot of new files… Inside the file was my original file…

I shocked and rebooted my phone… Then, the message corrupted started to appear… So quickly I plug it to my laptop and started to recover with MiniTool Recovery… The recovery was more 1GB, due to free version I can't able to recover all the files… I just with some images…

Then, I tried to clean the memory card contact with eraser… When I plug it back it can't detect anything… In Disk Management it's show 1MB drive, in diskpart on cmd it's shows 512kb, in chkdsk it's shows RAW, and in MiniTool it not detecting partition.

I wish I'm able to recover the files… I don't care if the memory card not working, I just need the data…

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Hi, I have to say, probably the drive has been physically damaged. Under this circumstance, you may need to send the drive to a data recovery center for help.

I suggest you do NOT make any tests or scanning on the drive.

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