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Retrieve data from SDD on MacBook Air 2011

Is there a way to retrieve data from an old Samsung SDD taken from my Mac Air 2011? The Mac was totally dead after water damage but I want the photos. I have now taken the SDD out and thought perhaps there is a caddy I could buy, etc.

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You need an OWC Envoy enclosure



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Thanks Mayer. Just ordered!


Hey Alan - did it work? I'm wondering if I can get data off of a 'dead' SSD...


@kdnavrat - I'm sure it worked! I've salvaged a few wet systems data using the OWC Envoy cases. The only issue is how wet your SSD got as salt water will do a number of the traces.


Oh sweet! I'll try it. I just ordered an OWC Envoy enclosure and I assume I just put the 'damaged' SSD in it and see what I can find? Thanks


I can't get the Mac to "see" the SSD in the OWC Envoy - it acts like it just can not be found. Any suggestions?


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