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A2115 / 2019 / Prozessoren vom 3,0 GHz 6-core i5 bis zum 3,6 GHz 8-core i9. Kam am 19. März 2019 auf den Markt.

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Memory upgrade causing system to crash after a minute

[Edit: the system runs fine after having replaced the built-in SO-DIMMs with the ones from OWC - i.e., 2x16 GB, but I’d still like to know if they should be compatible to install both together]

I bought an iMac with 8 GB of memory, and separately 32 GB from OWC. I tried to install the two 16 GB sticks into the empty slots, and even though the computer booted fine, it went into a restart/crash loop after running for about 60 seconds. Before it crashed the first time, I saw the memory tab in “About mac” and it showed all 4 modules as correctly installed.

I’ve since removed the sticks and I’m currently only using the two built in 4 GB sticks in their original slots (never removed them) and the iMac boots and runs smoothly, but I’d preferably like to install the other two sticks too. What’s the best way to debug the issue? Should I try removing the original RAM and inserting the OWC RAM sticks into the same slots?


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Try and run it with just the two sticks that you had bought to see if that could be the issue. It could just be defective ram chips


It's thankfully running fine with just the base 8 GB - sorry if it wasn't clear enough, I'll edit the question!

Edit: ah - sorry, I guess you meant to try out the two sticks I bought separately. I'll try that and see what happens.


It would be very unlikely that this could be the case but do you think there could be damage on the RAM slot pins? Try to shine a flashlight onto the sockets and see if there is damage or just go by trial and error and put the ram in slot by slots to see if they all work.


Where did you get the SODIMM's? And what did they sell you? Make and specs.


This is what it says on the invoice:

32.0GB (2x 16GB) PC4-21300 DDR4 2666MHz SO-DIMM 260 Pin Memory Upgrade Kit for 2019 iMac and 2018 Mac mini models and PCs which utilize PC4-21300 SO-DIMM. OWC Lifetime Advance Replacement Limited Warranty.

I'm going to try replacing the Apple memory sticks with these only, instead of using all 4 slots later today - haven't gotten around to it yet.


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Since you got these RAM modules from OWC, I would suggest that you contact them directly and have them assist you with this. I would think the first thing would be to double-check that these modules are the correct ones for your Mac. Your Mac also should have “built-in” instructions on how to properly add the additional memory and to what slots when using modules of different capacities.

FWIW, I have been an OWC customer for years and have only had the best experience with their products and their support staff for things just like this.

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I agree with tesserax I think you need to speak with OWC to see what they can tell you. You may have a bad module.


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Which slots have the 4 GB DIMM’s and which have the 8 GB DIMM’s. I’m wondering if the newer logic boards can’t handle mixed banks. Here’s a bit more Understanding What a Memory Bank is Take the time to read the follow up links as well.

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I believe just about every Mac model will "tell" you the proper RAM module installation. You would simply go to Apple icon > About This Mac > Memory > Memory Upgrade Instructions which will bring up an Apple webpage with the details.


Tesserax - I posted the link in his question to the Apple TN. The About this Mac > Memory tab will tell you the graphically the total RAM, it won't tell you the Bank and SIMM ID. You'll need to go into System Report > Memory from The About This Mac.

Ideally, you want to fill the bank with the same sized DIMM's.


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