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Zweite iPhone Generation. Modell A1241 mit 8 oder 16 GB Kapazität und schwarzer oder weißer Kunststoff-Rückseite. Die Reparatur ist leichter zu bewerkstelligen als beim iPhone 1. Es werden Schraubendreher, Hebelwerkzeuge und Saugnäpfe benötigt.

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Why is my phone forgetting the password I know I never changed?

I have had this phone and it did this once before when I was a kid. But last time it didn’t have a password than suddenly it added one..

But the difference is, I haven’t used it for a super log time due to not having the cord for it, but after waiting and wanting to check it out. It won’t accept the password I gave it. SUPER EASY TOO… 2500, and if it’s not that. Last 4 digits of my number. But no, now I’m disabled on my 9th attempt and I’m scared to lose all my childhood videos on it…

Please tell me what’s the deal with this.

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@celestianarrows no idea why it does that but the only way to get to your phone is a restore with iTunes/dfu. This will erase your phone content . You can always try some of the software that supposedly can recover a password. Maybe the iPhone specialist @refectio has some other tricks you can try.

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