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Known as the E39 , the 4th generation of the BMW 5 Series mid size sedan.

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Why is my car giving an excessive dicharge error?

I have a 2005 BMW 5-Series E60 that is draining the battery when it sits for days without use.

I have a relatively new battery.

I have disconnected the negative terminal of the battery, and I am pulling 3.3amps of current!

I have systematically removed every fuse in the trunk fuse panel, and the panel behind the glove box while monitoring the current. No change to the current draw with any fuse.

I have “re-registered” the battery using a code reader, and cleared all other errors.

I continue to get an “excessive discharge” error.

Are there any other (unfused) points of current draw I should be looking for?

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Try disconnecting the IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor)

Here is a YouTube video Explaining the procedure.


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Brilliant! Worked like a champ, and I've been able to keep all codes cleared! Many thanks!


Glad that I could help.



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