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released January 16, 1986, From the apple Macintosh line

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Can I retrieve my old data from the MacintoshPlus or Micronet hd?

My first computer, a Macintosh Plus was connected to MicroNet hard drives and they worked for a long time and printed to an ancient ImageWriter. But the Macintosh Plus/Micronet set up recently failed and the old MacWrite files cannot be retrieved. I would like to retrieve some personally important data. The data is also present on a floppy disk (in a MacWrite application). Can you help me?

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Yes that info can be retrieved. You will need a machine with a floppy drive, preferably a “super drive”.

Maybe just a machine with SCSI drive port.

Is the hard drive SCSI internal or external?

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It is an external drive? Now that I know it is possible, how do I go about it?


Is there a service that can do this?


And what Mac computer will accept the drive and be able of reading the formatting and MacWrite?


This is something I could set up to do for you.


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