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Released March 2016, 7.0" Galaxy Tablet by Samsung.

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galaxy tab not charging show icon but no percentage

i got this tablet fom a client, when i plug it with my original galaxy s8 cable, just showed it was charging, after a few hours, the tablet turned on by its own.

i never knew what i did, maybe was the cable, but im not sure, i didnt use either the fast charging brick because it didnt recognized

just to add, i used the method that i saw on youtube, setting it on download mode, and helped to boot again.

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Actally what I did I used my personal charger and started to working again a fast charge and a closely similar cable works

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Sometimes the customers charger and/or cable may be at fault.

With a good charger and cable if it gets stuck on the charging bolt for a bit it usually means battery is too flat and needs time to charge up.

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I have the Samsung tab A and I’ve tried to reboot it and nothing works it just goes back to the charging logo with lighting bolt with no percantage please help


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