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Repair and disassembly guides for drums.

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Alesis SamplePad - Common blue-display bricked device > seeking repair

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Polling the experts for a solution to this very common error on these original Alesis SamplePad devices. There is a history with these drum pads dying with this blue-screen failure where they are non-responsive. No error displayed on the screen, attempts at a factory reset are not successful. The vendor will not comment directly and will only send customers over to their service group to get a quote for non/warranty repairs. Does anyone have a fix or experience with this unit they can share?? Customer options seem to be either re-paying 80% of the original purchase price to hopefully get their unit magically returned in a functional state and hope for the best going forward, or discard and replace with a current model….

Any advice, schematics, or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Update (11/24/2019)

FYI: Still no luck chasing this one down. No YouTube hacks have been found and I have recently reached out to Alesis parts department about the error and their ability to identify/provide the proper part for this common failure. I also reached out to their sub-contracted East Coast service center to see if they could provide any technical assistance. (To give this private business credit, they were skilled and quite knowledgeable when I last visited with a bandmate’s gear and their store/shop was a very interesting museum-like collection of rebuilt and repaired instruments from decades past. I suspect they have also paid their due to Alesis to have the privilege of servicing their instruments… :(

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I just received a repair estimate from the Alexis service center. No itemized parts, no breakdown on labor, no technical info... Just an estimate for $120. SMH.


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Same problem, I've replaced PSU capacitors with no change, next I'm going to try replacing all the rest of the caps and see what happens

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Thank you Jimbomu. I would love to hear your findings. Best of luck with the teardown. I am still shocked with such a common failure for these devices how little information seems to exist around the error and resolution.

Much appreciated,



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