How To Fix Stuck on Samsung Logo , NO bootloader , NO off ,NO safemode

my tablet only loads to the Samsung screen it does not allow anything else .

what I have done already:

soft rest ( power and vol down ): just does the same back to logo

hard rest ( home + vol up ) : gives me a dead android with a caution sign

safe mode( hold vol down ): doesn't exist

let the battery die: took one whole day but nothing after letting it die the charge

connected to my pc : didn't show up

it does not turn off unless connected to power but even when turned off that way still same results.

if they said you can do this to get it working ive probably tried it, but open to anything that people may have missed I cant be that unlucky right?

I have never dropped it , got it wet I clear the caches often and have done nothing for this issue to come about. I rather not lose any data but if I have to I guess that's what needs to be done Any real solution will help

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