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Model A1320 / 8 GB oder 16 GB Speicherplatz

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thinking of getting a nano 5 need help

My old iPod nano 7 has been getting very glitchy recently and it’s battery life isn’t what it used to be so i’m thinking of moving to the iPod nano 5, I like the fact that it has built-in mic camera and speaker, though I know the latter two are probably not the best quality. I also like that it has games and radio, not to mention fitness. but I also think I heard something about there being a problem with the particular version of iPod, and I also thought there was something about a recall, do you have any suggestions?

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This iPod is personally my favorite one, so I would say that it’s a great choice! However, keep in mind you will be limited to the games that come preinstalled on the device as 3rd party ones are no longer for sale.

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