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Why is my phone displaying overheat message?

After a screen repair, the phone displays a message stating it has paused charging due to high temperatures. However, the phone is not hot at all. I have replaced both the battery and chargeport but the issue continues to happen when plugged into a charger and when placed on a wireless charging pad. I know the Samsung S8 displayed this message if the phone was not fully assembled so I made sure to fully assemble the device before attempting to test all its functions. Any other part I may need to replace and check or any other recommendations?

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Hi there i have exact the same issue. Only think i haven’t replaced is the QI wireless pad. Have you found a solution on this?


my Samsung j7 does the same problem I can't even charge it or use it it keeps telling me the phone is hot even when I am not using it. I have deleted all the apps that I have but it continues to give me this heat alert and closes all the apps the whole day.


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The Antenna Coil, which is on the rear assembly (the plastic pieces that are screwed in) needs to be intact and make contact with the board to work. If it is not making contact or is damaged, the temperature sensor will not work which will not allow the phone to charge.

-Samsung Tech

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Even when the coil is making contact with the logic board, it still displays the error. Also, the coil seems to have no physical damage. Do you know where on the coil the temp senor is located?


Mate you are an absolute legend. Customers phone starts doing this after a new screen, couldn't figured it out for the life of me.

Really did not expect it to have a temp sensor in the wireless charging coil lol


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Block Image

If this isn’t the issue then your board has probably been fried by a faulty PMIC chip on the motherboard - an issue which is VERY common on 8th gen Samsung devices, but some S9s can be affected. Only solution at that point is to just replace the motherboard, because other options will most likely be more expensive… unless you want to hunt down all the IC chips that could have failed at this point.

Also make sure the contact points on the board are intact. I’ve seen cases where techs have knocked those off (I don’t know how).

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would you have a list of all the samsung galaxy s9 plus parts i really want to make own myself would be really helpful if i got a list of all the parts.


Boot phone into bootloader slash bios mode go to log file look for suspicious program trying to run but access denied . There is most probably a virus phone will stay on for hours in that mode without shutdown of heat . Only option I have seen that works so far is to master reset the phone delete all and start fresh .. so it can't be hardware must be software .


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I sometimes have lag problems, but that’s only when I visit the “Apps” section in settings.

Do you have any of those crap cleaning apps like clean master etc. All will slow your phone and causes overheating as will any anti virus apps both are not needed so deleting them will help. As will cleaning the cache from the settings monthly, factory reseting the phone annually and not using it when it is charging. If you want more info: - https://ifixmobiletoronto.ca/

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