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The PSP 300x was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008. Repair of this device requires only common tools.

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Something is wrong with my screen (but not really)

So I have a psp 3001 (if that matters) I always take care of my systems (handheld especially) I have a case for my psp and that’s where it had been for a few years. I decided to play it one day and it was fine for a while, then the memory card started acting up, so I bought a new one. Once again it was fine, I played it for a few days (maybe a month) then one day I went to play it and the screen wouldn’t turn on. I looked up info on what to do. I did everything, “turn off leave for 30 seconds then turn on.” “Turn off, remove battery” you get the whole idea. Nothing worked.

So I moved on to other things like turning it on and seeing if I can still see the image when shinning a light on it, and behold….I can. I tried the screen swap and the screen worked on another psp just fine. Can anyone please tell me what’s wrong. I looked up everywhere and there is NOOOOO info on this xAx.

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Hi @asteri

It seems as though the LCD screen backlight fuse on the motherboard has failed.

I cannot find a video which shows the location of the backlight fuse on a PSP 3001 motherboard but have read that it is in a different spot than on a PSP 3000. You may have better luck in finding a video that shows how to replace the backlight fuse on a PSP 3001 ;-)

Here’s a link to the ifixit PSP 300x Motherboard Replacement guide.

This should be of some help in gaining access to the motherboard so that you can find the fuse. The component should be designated on the board with an F (F for fuse).

According to this link there are 6 fuses on the motherboard for a PSP 3xxx.

By using an Ohmmeter you should be able to check all the fuses for continuity and the one that fails most probably is the backlight fuse.

If you do find it, then you’ll need SMD soldering tools and skills, (and the appropriate new fuse) to effect the repair.

Hopefully this is a start and of some help.

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