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Possible to Swap Logic Boards?

If this question already exists for this model, let me know- it didn't appear for this model.

Is it possible to swap boards within the same model family? IE, can I upgrade a 933MHz to a 1.33GHz board?

EDIT: Here's a more detailed setup- I have a 14" iBook clocked at 1197MHz. I got it for free, as it appears that the previous owner spilled who knows what on the logic board. Everything else appears to be okay- it seems that only the memory circuit is fried. So, I think that the LCD, keyboard, power, etc. should work fine. I have the opportunity to get another 14" model for very cheap, and all I'd need is the logic board. If it is a slower (or faster) board, will it work with the parts I have from this iBook?

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Let's see if I can walk through this in a coherent manner (it's not easy to explain overall differences over multiple models):

  • Looking at the logic boards:
    • The 933 MHz/1 GHz (128 RAM) had 3 wall power and speaker connectors, a standard optical drive connector, the modem connector is "tall" and vertical, the fan connector is horizontal, and the upper case connector is a 4-pin connector.
    • The 1 GHz (256 RAM)/1.2 GHz changed the modem connector to a shorter connector, and the fan connector is vertical (a slightly different cable length, I believe). Therefore, you would need a new modem, and fan in addition to the logic board. The RJ-11 board also got 1/4" shorter, so you will probably need a new one of those as well.
    • The 1.33 GHz changed to 4 wall power and speaker connectors, a ZIF-type optical drive connector, a tan horizontal modem connector that is different from previous ones, and the fan has changed again. Therefore, you would need a new upper case, optical drive bracket, optical drive cable, modem, and fan in addition to the logic board.

This is all under the pretense that you don't change the frame. If you modify the frame slightly, you should be able to use the same frame, shields, and heat sinks, but don't quote me on that.

I hope this helps!!!

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The 933 MHz logic board can be upgraded to a 1 GHz Logic Board, but it cannot be upgraded to a 1.33 GHz Logic Board without replacing other parts.

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Which parts would need replaced? I've edited my question to better explain my dilemma.


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As a little sidenote, I completed my project today. The board I got was in fact a 1.33GHz board. Thanks for all the tips! I was able to hack and mod with few problems.

iFixit FTW!

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I attempted to swap the logic board from a 1.33 GHz iBook g4 (model A1055) with the logic board from a 933 MHz iBook g4 (also model A1055). (I was trying to downgrade because I owned both computers and the logic board in the 1.3 GHz iBook failed.) However, about half of the female connectors (soldered onto the 933 MHz logic board) did not match the corresponding male connectors on the parts of the 1.3 GHz computer. These mis-matching connectors included: the mouse pad connector; the power connector; the speaker connector; the modem connector. Additionally, the connector for the optical drive was soldered onto the logic board as well, so I don't think you can replace an older optical drive with the newer 'super drive'.

The 933 MHz logic board did fit inside the 1.3 GHz frame, but not the other way around.

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