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Portable, Bluetooth, water resistant speaker. Manufactured by Sony in 2017.

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My speaker also doesn't switch on , I used the wrong charger

My speaker also doesnt switch on , i used the wrong charger with more voltage.

Does anyone know where i can take to to repair in south Africa Johannesburg.

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Hi @skhova ,

You may be able to fix it yourself (with a bit of help).

What was the voltage of the charger that you plugged into the speaker?

Click on the icon to the right of your question to get to the ifixit guides on how to open the speaker to gain access to the components.

Once you have access check the motherboard for any obvious damage such as burnt out components or a blown surge suppressor or fuse.

If you're unsure, take some close up pictures of the motherboard and post back here and hopefully someone may spot the problem.

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The charger might have overloaded the voltage limit.

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how much it wll cost to repair


I would like to repair my overcharged Bluetooth speaker


Hi has anyone got the fix to this issue plugged a 20v in by accident is there a fuse ?


@asha2013 Do you know if there is a fuse trying to fix mine my self


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