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Part of LED TV I got is seemingly dead. Is this even repairable?

I got Philips 40PFT4100/12 LED TV from a cousin which did say that it had a display issue and it was the reason they replaced it.

What he said is that at beginning, “dead” part was a really small area which seemed like a really small dirt patch on screen and someone went and tried to wipe it off which resulted in “dead” area spreading and following the cloth used to wipe it. According to him, it wasn’t a big trail and was hardly noticable except, for example, when a face was behind the “dead” area. Eventually uncle got !#^&@@ off by it enough to go and buy new one but even according to him, TV was usable. Issue was just an annoyance.

So they brought it to my place, I set it up and turned it on. I don’t know did anything happen before or during transport to make it spread this much but this is beyond “annoying”.

Block Image

Those lines weren’t mentioned when I talked to them and I couldn’t reproduce the “dead” area spreading by “wiping” the screen, be it hand, clotch, tshirt.

As mentioned in question, is this repairable and if yes, is it worth it? Honestly, I’m more interested in what may have been initial issue and why/how did it “spread”.

Apparently, Philips service partner is just down the street so I’ll check it out with them in few days when I’m free from work.

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look like the internal panel has cracked...

not cost effective to replace imo


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Panel for this TV is bad and would need to be replaced but, cost of replacing the panel will cost more than getting another TV. Unless! You can find the same TV but with bad internal parts but good panel and just swap internal parts to TV with good panel.

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