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Die Neuauflage vom April 2014 von Apples MacBook Air 11" erhielt aufgefrischte Dual Core i5 und i7 Haswell Prozessoren und eine leicht verbesserte Akkuleistung.

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SSD adapter to recover water damage MacBook Air

Hi All

Today I was given the challenge of sorting out a friends MacBook Air that was left out overnight. Screen damaged, water damaged and I think my friend my have tried to power it on!

I have left the laptop drying out but want to take the SSD out and see if I can recover the data.

I was hoping it would be easy to open up the MacBook and put the SSD into an enclosure but looking on Amazon.co.uk the enclosures for 2014 Macs are really expensive and I don’t even know if the SSD is working anymore.

So I’m trying to find a cheaper alternative. I have seen a QNINE PCIe SSD to M.2 Key M Adapter Card on Amazon.co.uk. Could I then buy a M.2 SSD to USB 3.0 Adapter and plug that into another Mac to recover the data.


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After you use the OWC Envoy Pro USB3.0 Enclosure for Apple SSDs June 2013-Current Mac Models to recover your data, resell it on eBay to minimize your costs.


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Sadly, Apple uses a custom SSD design and the standard based M.2 cases will not work.

The best you can do is look for a used OWC case.

And yes they still aren’t cheap.

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Hi Dan

So the

QNINE PCIe SSD to M.2 Key M Adapter Card for 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 MacBook Air

won't work with apple SSD even though it says it's compatible?


The adapter is to allow you to put the Apple SSD into a Windows PC, It won't allow you to read the SSD. You want to salvage the data correct?

These are intended to re-use the SSD under Windows not allow you access to the Mac data on it.

Thats why you want the OWC Envoy case as it allows you access to the data when you connect it to another Mac system.


My plan was to purchase this adapter and then plug that adapter into a M.2 to USB adapter to then plug it into another Mac. A bit of an effort but it seemed a cheaper alternative than buying an OWC enclosure.


A lot of conversions in that pipeline, Not sure if it will work.

Don't forget you can always sell the OWC Envoy to someone to recover some of the costs. If you are planning on serving systems even for a hobby it will come in handy! I've got three different ones just for serving my customers.


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Actually, the adapter you mention will work. It is meant to convert a few of the specific apple formats to more regular m-slot m2. The list of compatible apple SSDs is very limited though. Please check carefully on the 5th or 6th image (from the link you posted) whether the specific SSD model is supported!

Once you plug it in to a regular PC or laptop with m2 slot the fun really starts (depending if the drive is encrypted or not, and which file system is used), but on a hardware level it should function.

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Almost! If you want to use the Mac SSD in a Windows PC that adapter will allow you to do that. So you can reuse it as a Windows drive.

But, it won't let you access the data! Remember we have a new file system APFS with was introduced in High Sierra and so far there is no Windows driver that allows access to it.


That’s exactly what I meant with ‘the fun really starts’. Though the poster mentioned wanting to hook op via an usb connection to another Mac, so that would get that running. Else a VM under windows with OSX will work just fine :) all in all quite some hassle, but doable


My plan was to plug the SSD into this adapter and then purchase an M2 to USB adapter and plug that into another Mac.

A bit of an effort but a cheaper alternative than buying an OWC enclosure - if it works?


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