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The Dell Inspiron 5758 was released in 2015, and can be identified by its label on the bottom of the laptop. The Dell Inspiron 5758 is an intel core i5 processor laptop.

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Japanese vs English characters

My laptops and Android phone constantly display Japanese characters. I am American and only speak English. Japanese characters appear on most Google and Microsoft websites. But, they are not exclusive!

Please help me. I’m at a lost.

Thank you


My big mistake! The laptop I’m referring mainly about is a Dell Inspiron 5755, not that it matters. I get Japanese characters on all devices.

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What OS is installed in the laptop and do you have a Microsoft account synced across all your devices?

If you have Win 10 installed in the laptop and if the devices are synced through your account, i.e. your phone and your laptop, then here’s a link that shows how to change the language in Win10 and if they are synced, then by changing the laptop to English the phone should change as well if you leave the Sync Language setting enabled.

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