Laptop not booting Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series

What’s wrong: laptop will not start windows, BIOS. Did get one error code beep

What I have tried:

1)motherboard swap (same problem recreated after swap)

2)RAM swap

3)Testing hard dive with SeaTools for Windows. While hard drive is connected externally to my PC, I can look at it’s contents and copy them etc. When running tests in SeaTools, I get a fail code of 6C9AC2A4. “

Serial number not detected, SeaTools did fail the drive,” as indicated on this page:

4)When turning on laptop, it only goes to a blank screen. Backlight does seem to turn on. An LCD test works (RBG all flashes).

5)Battery is believed to be dead. All of these tests are performed with the battery taken out and the AC Adapter plugged in.

Here is a video of the error code beep:

Any suggestions?

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Hi @chizuo ,

You changed the motherboard and the problem was still there.

You removed the HDD and it still wouldn't boot ( into BIOS at least)

You've swapped the RAM - did you try it without RAM to see if there is a different beep code?

You've proven that the display unit works (I think that's what you mean).

That only leaves the keyboard. The keyboard is checked during POST. Can you try a different compatible keyboard and check what happens?


Hi Jayeff,

Yes, I did try it without RAM. When I turn it on without RAM inserted, I get the LED error code of 3 blue 2 amber. No beep. No beeps at all anymore, in fact, no matter what I have tried thus far. When I recorded the video, that was the only time the laptop beeped.

Precursor to the keyboard: after replacing the motherboard, the keyboard made clicking noises with the touch of any key. I assume this is some kind of feature or setting that can be turned off.

I have thought about the keyboard, but I haven't been able to try it yet. I mistakenly inserted the wrong type of RAM as a test, it read an LED error code of 5 blue and 2 amber. The RAM was hot to the touch, so I took it out. Now the laptop down't turn on at all. So, I'm going to put the original motherboard back in today and then try the keyboard tactic. Thanks for the reply, let me know if any of this throws up red flags!

I uploaded this video to provide visuals for what I'm troubleshooting


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