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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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ice auger does not dispense ice.

I have an RS265LBBP side by side with water and ice in the freezer door. Ice maker works and fills bucket but ice auger does not dispense ice. After much checking of switch on dispenser, processor board, relays on board. etc., it turns out that one of the two wires going to the ice switch on the door, (the one you press to get ice), was cut. The break is inside the door wall about 3 inches from the top. I am not looking to find how to open the freezer door cavity so I can run a new wire from the ice switch to the top left connector on the freezer door. Any help?

Update (07/01/2019)

Meant to say "I am NOW looking to find how to open freezer door cavity" instead of "I am not looking ......."

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Guillermo Munoz, unfortunately there is no way to get inside the door. The insulation is sprayed in after all the wires, water lines etc… are in place. This insulation pushes all the air out so the door won’t sweat. Awhile back, I was curious about what was inside a door, so I took an old door apart. I had to cut the liner off with a filet knife. The insulation is very porous, kind of like chalk. It is in every crack and crevice. The wires were hard to find. Once I found them, I couldn’t pull them free. I had to cut them out. Same with the water line. It made a mess

I’ve never had a wire break inside the top of the door. If you can get enough slack to repair it, you’ll need to buy a new door.

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Block Image

Block Image

Think about using insulated alligator clips to jump the wire.

If you can’t get to the end of the wire to strip it, use a fireplace lighter to melt it back.

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