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Apple Watch Series 2, angekündigt am 7. September 2016 und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016.

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Apple Watch Series 2 is not charging, is this the battery?

I have an Apple Watch Series 2 38mm that out of the blue stopped charging. Have tried it on 3 different chargers and on different outlets (in different buildings) so have ruled out anything other than the watch being the issue. It shows the long corded low battery screen when I hit the buttons on it.

It is completely dead so I cannot unpair it like many reviews say to see if it’s a software issue.

Before I purchase the tools, I want to see if this sounds like the battery or if this has happened to others on how they fixed it.

Any thoughts or experiences on this? TIA!

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Have you tried doing a hard reboot by holding the power and crown together for 10 seconds? If this doesnt work, then it’s the battery. I’ve seen this a lot lately with series 1 and series 2 watches.

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It’s completely dead and won’t charge, so I am unable to even get it to do a hard reboot. So am guessing it’s the battery.


Yes, I would say so.


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