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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Acer Aspire V5, a series of laptops on the Windows OS by Acer.

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When attempting to boot, only black screen. Please help

Hi everyone, I just replaced my laptop's HDD with a new SSD but on the screen it said no operating system found. I tried using f2, f8, F10 and F12 to access the bios with no luck. I went onto these forums and one said to short small triangular connectors behind the ram slot and I did so. The device now shows only a black screen, the keyboard lights and fan are on which seems odd, but the screen is totally black. Please help

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Okay let's try a few things:

  • If the laptop has a removable bay and battery try removing the battery first. Then hold power button for 10 seconds, reinsert battery and turn it on again.
  • If there is a removable bay and the coin battery can be accessed remove or unplug the coin battery for 5 minutes then reseat. Try turning it on and see if black screen is still stuck on.

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I tried removing the coin battery for 10 minutes and that did nothing, I've also tried to flash a new bios, use function keys to access it, basically everything and it still doesn't want to start. I suspect it's because of a secure boot or legacy boot seeing but I'm not sure.


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