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The C720 is a low cost Acer ChromeOS based Chromebook. Released 2014 successor to the C710.

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Wi-fi won't turn on on my Acer Chromebook

I have two Acer Chromebooks. A C720 and an Acer R11. Both developed an issue where the Wi-fi will not turn on. Both are out of warranty. I do not think it is a software issue.

The 720 will not accept any resets “An unexpected error has occurred . . .”

The R11 worked up until last week, but has developed this same problem with the Wi-Fi. Otherwise it was working just fine. There were no other issues and I’ve not tried to do a factory reset yet on the R11.

Any suggestions?

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Thank you for the suggestion. I went to the Chrome Forum, there seems to be some issue from June 2019 with Chrome OS updates. It’s working for the moment. BUT this whole exercise has gotten me over the fear of tinkering with my other computer (which is out of warranty).


Had same problem with a new Acer Chromebook 15. After 3 calls to tech line, I removed rear cover and found the WiFi card laying loose, retaining screw missing. Plugged card back in, borrowed a screw from inside to secure the card, reinstalled cover, problem solved.


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One solution: buy some inexpensive WiFi USB dongles and use them instead of the on board radio. My WiFi stopped working on my laptop and I’ve been using one of these ever since.

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