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The Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is one of Nokia's mobile phones in the series of XpressMusic. It was released in January 2009 and discontinued in 2011.

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Nokia 5130 XP Turns off after after startup

Hi, i have a nokia 5130 XP, before it was working fully, but after months of unuse, and i tried to startup it, it does startup as normal, but after 5 seconds, it turned off. Later i clicked the button, it turns on back and then turns off again in 5 seconds. I also cant click the button, the GUI is just not responding.

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Hi @ooflusitania

Does it work OK with the charger connected and switched on?

If so, after months of no use the battery will have become depleted and perhaps now fails to hold a charge.

It may be that the battery has to be replaced.

What is the charge level showing when you just try to charge the battery and not try to turn it on?

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The battery is fully working, it was full when i tested it on my Nokia 1202-2. But when on 5130 xp, it turns on like normal, but 5 seconds later it turned off, after i clicked any button, it turns back but does that again. And the gui is not responding to my button click.


I also tried to turn it on while charging. It still do the same thing except its about 6-7 seconds after startup, it turned off back.


Hi @ooflusitania ,

Try a hard reset and see if it works OK in case it is corrupted firmware causing the problem.

Be aware that any user data will be erased by doing this.


I did, it wont reset it. I tried to hold it as much force as i can, but still not resetting.

It still keep doing it.


Hi @ooflusitania ,

So just verifying that you held the Call button + * button + 3 button + Power button, (all 4 buttons simultaneously) and it did not try to reset?

If this is the case it to me it seems as though the reset firmware (which is different to the operating firmware) has either been corrupted or has become inaccessible due to a hardware problem.

You could try searching online as to how to reflash the firmware but since the device has been discontinued since 2011 you may not find the supporting links to download the firmware. Even if you did it might not work as the device doesn't stay powered up.

Hopefully someone else may have a better answer.


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