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The second generation was introduced as a 2003 model at the 2002 Chicago Auto Show, based on the new Impreza platform, featuring several fine-tune improvements over the past model.

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Why is the engine knocking after overheating

I ran the car out of oil almost completely and it overheated it's never overheated before it's been over a hundred thousand miles on it and now the engine knocks when we turn it on and I just put new oil in it. What do you think the NACA Muse

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Matthew Hyatt  This “I ran the car out of oil almost completely and it overheated” could be indicative of some major engine damage. From main bearings, to piston/rod damage and camshaft/ lifter/valve damage. I suggest that you have a mechanic at least do an inspection since it is a bit too much to go over. There are just to many variables with this.

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Thank you. For the record it was actually my girlfriend after I told her to put oil in it and ran it out of oil and overheated when I showed up it was knocking and had her to shut it off this is exactly what I told her that your answer confirmed it thank you very much


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